Awaken the Heart + 10 week guided journey

Awaken the Heart + 10 week guided journey

This is a 10 part series that will take us on a journey of the inner landscape of the heart, into a very slowed down look. Step by step we will explore, investigate, and uncover our truest nature all from the guidance of the hearts matrix.

This is a bit instructional, more talking, as well as meditative and contemplative. It works on clearing out old pieces of the heart, while restoring and reenergizing new ways to have the heart hold itself.

  1. Watch, and witness
  2. Soften - Allow-  Bend
  3. Let it Transform 
  4. Action Released
  5. Addressing Fears 
  6. Distractions
  7. Receiving 
  8. Transformation
  9. Gratitude 
  10. Shared Loving Awareness