Holly Star’s focus goes beyond the intuitive, she works on other planes to study and discern what is needed to harness power, move energy, and shift perspective. Her sessions provide tools, clarity, insight, and solutions for new ways of living and evolving. For individual clients, her unique style creates a space to let your personal truth unfold, to celebrate it, to live it, and give it a voice. As a business consultant and advisor, she assists in the growth and development of companies worldwide. Holly aspires to work with individuals and businesses that are fundamentally built on value systems for the world’s greater good. Health is also her priority. Her wide range of clientele includes celebrities, universities, agencies, private investigations, and psychic forensic work, as well as startup companies looking for growth and expansion.

Creating new lifestyles, ways of being, and new realities is essential to her work. She is here to elevate personal, professional, and environmental standards of living to allow for spirit to manifest into the physical reality. She is also devoted to exploring land communication by bringing harmony and balance to its life force through clearings and attunement. She invites challenges and initiates steps for growth into the work, actualizing room for self-expansion and earth fulfillment by addressing long-term goals as if they were to begin today. Holly’s signature is a direct tone, delivered with a genuinely soft, loving nature.

Holly Star has studied with academia, gurus, healers and shamans. She has also received many psychic initiations. She has been trained in spirit medicine, herbal medicines, energy healing, Reiki, light body activations, Ka body, and FSP. Since completing her formal training, she has continued evolving through self-study and is rooted in firm discipline of meditation. Born with this gift she developed her own practice, and for over twenty years has formulated and cultivated a unique way of expressing and accessing her intuition. Holly Star is a highly gifted healer with clients throughout the world. She is based in New York City.



Holly believes all material elements should resonate in harmony with ones’ self-expression on the deepest levels. In order to continue to create access to those paths, she created Matter & Home, a homeware line of healing objects that provides education through design, medicinal and energetic properties.