“It is almost impossible to describe in words the comfort and gift that speaking and working with Holly has given to me. After Holly spent time in our home, we returned and couldn’t deny that the energy in our space simply felt noticeably lighter—as if it had been injected with oxygen. Even my husband who is not usually perceptive felt as if the air had been cleared. We all walked a bit lighter and felt clearer, as if some chaos had been cleaned up.
Even more important, Holly held my hand through a very difficult time in our lives. A family member was sick and speaking to Holly regularly gave me the gift and courage to tap into my strength so that I could help my family through the journey of hopeful healing. Holly’s intuition and understanding feel so familiar and safe; she seems like an old soul who has known the ins and outs of our lives forever. Holly connects the dots and helps guide me to understand the bigger picture of everyone’s journeys.
Her patience, care, and broader, wise view of our family and our lives allows me to proceed in a calmer, stronger manner everyday.
I don’t know how I would have survived a few life challenges over the past years without knowing Holly had our backs. “

I consider an honor and a blessing to be able to work with Holly. Over the years, I have experienced her ability to go very deep touching different layers in many levels. Always impeccable, with a very high vibration and integrity.
From her individual sessions to her ongoing retainer support on aligning my higher purpose to my life, my work and most recently to clear and elevate to the highest vibration of a new healing space.
Mayra Hernandez Co-Founder, Instituto Xilonen

A couple of years ago I succeeded my father in running and owning our old family estate in the south of Sweden. Being the 14th generation in a long line of family members the house surely needed some support. Stories needed to be picked up, energies settled and we wanted a stronger personal connection with the house. The artifacts were all there for sure - rooms full of murals, portraits, old furniture. The creaky floors and smells. But we wanted the house to come alive and be relieved of the past. And more grounded in our present day. An important initial step in this awakening was to bring in Holly. She spent a good five days methodologically and carefully working through the rooms. We had a great dialogue before and after. And her notes are still being used and cherished by us. A pleasure to work with and much gratitude for the work she did!


I am writing in regards to using Holly on a retainer basis. I used to see Holly for one off sessions. It was always helpful, but it seemed difficult to do the deep work I was wanting to do, as each new time I came in, there seemed to be some new pressing issue I was dealing with. Finally I decided to make a commitment to doing the deeper work and started working with Holly on a retainer basis.

Through this she is able to consistently monitor the things going on in my life, and get to see the energetic patterns behind them, so that we can unhook these ruts, and open things up in a way that has brought more peace, and more joy to my life. Through this work I have obtained a deeper understanding of how I got here, and a way of creating things more in line with the life I am wanting to create. She has walked me through many a storm and I can undoubtedly say the storms now come less often and when they do, I have a much more solid internal foundation and capacity so that I am no longer rocked by the storms. She has helped me with health issues, career advancement, and navigating some pretty heavy legal and family issues. She is sweet and soft spoken, but dont let that fool you - Holly is a force. Holly creates the space for my higher growth and gently nudges me in to greater expansion. One thing I've learned in this work is that it takes a commitment, and through committing to the ongoing retainer with Holly i've seen more growth and positive shifts than I thought possible, realigning me with a deeper purpose, transforming my relationships with myself and the world around me.
Anonymous, NYC

Working with Holly is intellectual and spiritual exercise. It stretches me in both mind and brain through the field of my past, present and future with pragmatism and rooted guidance. The work allows me to address and question my deepest tendencies and assumptions and helps me to see my vocation and role in ways that push me - and my work, my team and my company - forward. I am both healed and challenged by Holly's approach and method. Like an expert who knows every inch of the forest, she blazes trails I didn't know were possible and clears the way for growth and discovery. Much of the change I am seeking relates to how I understand, learn from and support others; Holly has dislodged my defaults and opened my perspective to a more present me who can - simply put - traverse relationships (and self) better. Through her gentle conviction and crystal-clear honesty, she has taught me to unleash creative energy and wild, open thinking I didn't even realize was there."
As always, thank you.

Soon, LD

“Holly is remarkable. She acted as intuitive, strategist and therapist throughout our legal battle. Her insights into what was actually motivating key players, her ability to clarify what was possible and to keep those possibilities open, and her suggestions as to what steps we should take towards issue resolution and our spiritual development, gave us the fortitude to keep fighting for justice.”
Anonymous, NYC

“Holly came to our newly renovated gallery building that had precious had a long family history. I knew the energy had to change. The building had had hardship. Holly spent a lot of time with the building and cleared out what I would call blocks and helped us find a more clear flow”
“Holly has been a crucial part of our success as a gallery. She helped us clear the space of its past but also find the strength of its history and tied it together with our goals and visions.”


I truly believe it’s important to pour into yourself and invest energy to your vibrations. Holly has been a gift. She ensures you feel comfortable with the process. And is empathetic to your hearts needs.

Working with her in various forms have resulted in my energy feeling at ease and my home being cleansed. Everything feels like a realignment that’s needed when you feel off tuned with yourself.

“ I don’t know what Holly did to me but after seeing her pretty major things started to happen in the areas I had expressed hardship with. I felt light and was surprising myself in my work where I had been stuck for quite some time.”
C.Z. New York City

Holly is very precise in her work. Her acute ability to identify blind sots and take an objective approach sets apart as a true Marie Kondo of energetics. She unearthed the source of my trauma, and taught me how to set and hold boundaries. For the first time in my life, I feel resilient and clear-headed.
K.C., Mexico


I find Holly’s sessions deeply empowering. Holly is honest, gentle and authentic. She helps me to release whatever challenges I’m having or emotions I’m carrying with remarkable ease and grace. I walk out of her sessions stronger, lighter and more joyful. I feel guided back to a state of wholeness.

Miranda Kerr, Supermodel, Los Angeles.CA


I have always been hesitant to explain to anyone my experience over the past 5 years with Holly. Only because it feels impossible to put something so profound into words and because of how deeply personal it is to be with her. In a way she seems to understand the inner workings of my spirit better than myself. Holly is tender and compassionate without ever faltering honesty or fierce encouragement. When I am low she pads the edges and opens me to the light and when I am on the way to progression she gently nudges me towards it. No matter where though, she always understands. I am endlessly grateful to have Holly there for me and anyone who is blessed to be in her presence will find themselves as enchanted and thankful as I am. She is like no one I have come across. A truly enigmatic and magical being.

Abbey Lee, Actress and Model

I’ve been seeing Holly for 7 years now and I value her enormously. Holly is never judgemental, very easy to talk to and she’s also young with a dynamic attitude and approach that enables her to fully understand my lifestyle.

Holly helps me not only put thing into perspective, but she also challenges my own thought processes and eases me into a direction that helps bring about the greatest level of fulfillment, so that I am able to grow and reach my full potential in all areas of my life, especially relating to my business. Holly helps find the best energetic path in conjunction with the body and the mind; sometimes the mind might say one thing and the body might say another, so Holly’s sessions help give clarity and enable me to to think and feel what is best in a fully connected way.

Sessions with Holly help to smooth out any blocks, physically or mentally; it does take time, but I really notice a difference and things start to flow and become easy rather than impulsive. Over the time I have been working with Holly, she has helped me to loose old anxieties, to re-train certain behaviours resulting in better decision-making and an easier flow of energies and emotions. I would recommend Holly to anyone

Wendy Rowe, Beauty expert and Makeup Artist London/NYC

Holly has been an angel from the first moment we met. A ray of hope, light, love, encouragement, and much more. Literally I have moved from one way of living to another where I am in complete bliss now. She brings focus on the self and helps with working on inner landscapes. Working on my inner child to adulthood findings and shifting that has been a journey of a lifetime and it was all possible because of Holly. I feel so much stronger, powerful and happy from within even if the world is falling apart, I am able to hold myself. Her work is a state of art.

Our work has been evolutionary and transformational on all levels of emotional, mental, and physical. It is all connected and I can clearly see and feel the beauty from within me and life around me now. She has the ability to take you to heights you yourself never thought of going and actually making it happen. Her healing sessions are instantly rewarding and energizing like red bull. She helped me bring out my voice and power to the outer world that itself has taken me to great heights in my personal growth, relationships and work.

The level of insight she can provide is like no other in the world and truly gifted in her work to guide, assist and advise on important life matter. She has helped me find my inner peace, love and home from within. I find her sessions to be like a treasure chest, full of gold coins being the level of detail she provides and reads in the session. Her ability to clear blocks within the body has immediate results. She is very kind, respectful, and uniquely guided me on my personal journey. I highly recommend her!  

Fatima, Dubai UAE

Holly helped us shift the identity of our organization from three separate entities under one umbrella organization to an organization with three interrelated institutes. As a result of Holly’s work with us, we have been able to create clear systems for invoicing and payments, and to develop a website and other materials that help us articulate our work to funders and to the college as a whole. When I met with Holly as part of this organizational work, I was impressed with her perceptiveness and with her ability and courage to say what we needed to hear, even if we didn’t want to hear it. Consequently, I decided to consult with her independently on more personal issues that affected many areas of my life. Holly is as gentle and astute as she is strong and courageous. I have benefited greatly from our work together.

E.F.  Columbia University, NYC

I’ve worked with Holly for several years now, and there’s a reason for that. She has an uncanny ability to spot what’s going on inside of me better than I can myself. Once she’s spoken the words, they resonate so deeply. I immediately understand and see what’s going on. I feel the compassion and the love for myself, I see the path forward.

Holly sees the things that I don’t see. It lets me be out there on the playing field, focusing 100% on the game, the goal, the work in front of me, knowing that Holly picks up the pieces and covers the angles that I miss. That’s invaluable.

Her genius is very special, unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else. And I’ve seen quite a bit.

Get Holly in your corner if you can. You won’t regret it.

Calvin Correli/CFO Simplero, NYC

Since Holly and I had been working together in personal sessions for six years, I felt it was only natural and organic to invite her to perform a space clearing for my beloved home. Calibrating the space created a more direct line of vision and synchronized my path with my intimate dwelling. When it was time to acquire a second home, I once again brought Holly in to do her magic. In the simplest terms, I feel like the house is finally mine; completely at ease, peaceful and light. Holly’s touch brings everything into light and perspective. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking illumination.  Shay Ashual, NYC


A friend recommended Holly when I felt heart-broken and stuck having been betrayed by someone I trusted. She worked on many different levels to change energy patterns and connections and I felt an immediate sense of calm and peace. Her insight into the situation was spot-on and she was remarkably skilled at moving me forward. In fact after just one session I felt my emotional pain lifting and a new sense of wholeness taking it’s place. Holly’s gentle unassuming manner hides a formidable talent. She’s a rarity. Jill Blakeway, Author and Acupuncturist, NYC

We have worked with Holly since 2005, both in the US and in India, and she has made significant contributions to our company through successful execution of various consulting assignments that she undertook for us. She has advised several members of our executive team on an individual basis and has also worked with various teams on multiple areas through talks and workshops. Some of the assignments she undertook included those that focused on team-building, fostering creativity and innovation and encouraging inter-disciplinary teams to improve communications, sharing and collaboration. At times Holly provided valuable help in better articulating sensitive communications to key stake holders of the company. She also successfully moderated discussions between different teams with conflicting approaches to addressing a problem and helped bridge the gaps that were impacting performance. She brings great clarity of mind, a patient and nurturing approach and a quiet confidence and inner strength that our company was able to leverage in multiple business scenarios. She is a professional to the core and I recommend her highly to any organization looking to employ her services.

C.V.S. CFO and President, India and NYC


Precise, direct and accurate, Holly approaches sessions with efficiency yet guides the conversation with finesse and thoughtfulness. Over the course of our four years together, Holly has made herself available to me case-by-case and for long term solutions. Her ability to extract, synthesize and present core meaning from the work is astonishing and delivers proven results.

M.E. Corporate Funding Head, USA and United Kingdom


Holly is a kind and sensitive soul who listens very carefully to your situation and helps to provide clarity and stability where there may have been none.  She also only gets involved with situations in which she thinks she can provide real assistance.  This in itself is so unusual.  And once she accepts you as a client, she is super responsive.

On a personal note, I began working with Holly early last year.  There were some very tumultuous external events which were shaking things up both personally and professionally.  Holly cleared the space in my home as well as in my office.  She was able to identify and close down portals in which negative energy was coming in.  She spent a lot of time setting up the groundwork for the clearing even before she physically came into these spaces.  Then she spent two days on location.  All I can say is that everything felt different after that. My friends, who didn’t know that she had cleared space, commented on how, when they walked into these cleared spaces, something felt different … lighter, happier.  At work, the telephones which had been quiet, started to ring.  I also received unsolicited offers to purchase some property which she thought was a source or lightning rod for some of my problems.  It was unreal.  I strongly believe Holly was instrumental in making these things happen.  I recommend her highly.

Anonymous, Westchester. NY


I have worked with Holly Star for the last seven years on a regular basis. Her ways, sensibility and strength are unique. The sessions, or as I call them, “journeys” are visual and empowering, like nothing I have ever experienced. The expression of her visions is remarkably clear and honest. She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, and made me stand strong; healed. Every day I am grateful for what she has done for me and what she has brought to my growth, emotionally and spiritually. Holly Star is a gift.  Sophie Mörner, Founder and Editor of Capricious Publishing, NYC/Sweden


I came to Holly a few years ago after seeing an old friend grow and change in ways even she did not think possible before coming to Holly. I am generally pretty skeptical, and did not foresee at all how working with Holly would change my life. From the first time we spoke on the phone, she knew things about me that did not seem possible, and helped me grow in ways I could not imagine.  She has worked with me to align with my higher path, bringing dramatic shifts in my whole way of being and relating to the world.  Working with Holly has brought joy and peace into my life,  and helped me focus my energy on the things that truly matter. I went to Holly hoping for small temporary changes to outward things, and instead received profound awareness into myself on a deeper level, which has lead to huge shifts in all areas of my life far greater than I ever imagined. Through working with Holly I have found more meaning in my relationships, more clarity in path, creativity and ease. She is gifted beyond words, bringing powerful lasting changes in a very humble approachable modern way of relating to her clients. Tamara McNaughton


I couldn’t tell you exactly what Holly does but what she does works. In my experience a real healer doesn’t call too much attention to themselves or their methods. They reveal to you your own forgotten potential, your own capacity to move through and beyond whatever it is that’s dragging you down. You leave a session with Holly ready to resume your life. Lighter, stronger — words don’t accurately apply. You just know that whatever transpired was the right thing. My highest recommendation. Eddie Ellner, Owner and Teacher of Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara, CA


My experience working with Holly was like none other, and I have some perspective. She has remarkable insight on people and situations.  I like the way she approaches her work in a very low-key manner. It is very conversational yet effective. She has an incredible ability to hone in on what needs to surface, and ask the appropriate questions. She raises your understanding and consciousness of who you are and what you should be doing with ease. The one thing I found difficult to overcome initially were her youthful looks but I quickly learned that she is truly wise and knowing but has the added gift of good genes!

Tracy C. London


Since I met Holly seven years ago my life has been enriched, clarified and brought into a higher state of awareness, balance and peace. I attended Holly’s beautiful retreat to Kerala, India and the combination of intensive one-on-one healing sessions, ayurvedic personalized prescribed treatments and the serene, tranquil villa created a once in a lifetime retreat! I feel this retreat was where true healing began for me with Holly’s presence and intuitive healing work. I have supported myself emotionally and my growth process for years in various forms of therapy and receiving healing work. At this point in my life I find that Holly’s healing therapy is my first choice due to her gentle, caring & highly intuitive approach, both allowing the space and holding the space for highest healing and realizations to occur. Bringing in our own intuitive guidance with Holly’s assistance is an essential component to healing & growth which so many forms of therapy can not incorporate. It is this divine and pure energy which lifts the spirit and connects one to the greater Whole, the Greater “I”, … for we are limitless! I’m so thankful to have met Holly and I find myself wanting to share her incredibly gifted work, healing sessions, meditations and future retreats with my family, friends and clients.

Liza Adara L.M.T.  NYC and Hamptons


Holly works with integrity, insight and a deep commitment to helping others. Her ability to quickly create change on many levels while helping to easily integrate those changes makes her an unparalleled consultant, healer and guide. She is a gift to this world. I recommend her work to any individual or organization who is looking to reach their highest potential and go beyond it.

A.R., Writer, California


Holly intuitively understands what’s going on in my life and where I need healing. Somehow she does what’s needed to make me a better and more easy going person.

Today I feel more balanced and accepting. Whenever I’m ready to make yet another big step in my evolution, I contact Holly. It’s very reassuring to know she’s there, always!

Christine Menke, Brussels, Belgium


I want you to know that I feel great, lighter enthusiastic and have more energy.I also want to say thank you for your sensitivity towards sensitive subjects. You are in a position of influence but carefully balance information in a way that leavesroom for empowerment, validation and love. You are amazing and I feel so grateful to spend time with you. Thank you, thank you!

Derek, Artist. NYC


Holly has taught me a new way to look at things in my life and encourages a light-hearted way to make the changes and improvements in it that I’m dreaming of. I have learned so much from her. She has a gentle touch with big things.

Georgia Andrews, NYC


I am most blessed to have received many healing sessions with Holly over a number of years. In essence, her work knows no bounds. I find her profound level of intuition provides a ‘platform’ for her to access beneath the ‘surface’ of my problems and gets to my core issues and challenges in life. She manages to ‘translate’ whatever I share into ‘what is’ on a holistic level. It is from this ‘platform’ that all the magic happens! And from half-way across the planet I might add.

Much of Holly’s work is not geared to being understood by my rational mind, or my mind at all really. What I do understand is that her work is multi-platform and multi-dimensional. Holly to me is the healer’s healer. She is blessed with the ability to go beyond traditional notions one may have of healing, occurrences that some would call miracles Holly performs as though it were all in a days work. I can attest I have received many miracles from Holly.

While Holly does employ certain ‘tools’ and or modalities with her work from extensive training she has done, it is always custom tailored to me specifically. There is no set formula that is cut and pasted onto me and as a result I always get exactly what I need in that moment.

I adore Holly and how she possesses an unwavering devotion to upholding the work she does with the utmost integrity. I have always found Holly to apply herself in a most humble and understated manner. If you are looking to change or improve your being in any way, shape or form, I most highly recommend Holly Star.

Esther Roitman, Sydney, Australia


About seven years ago divine providence had me stumble into Holly*’s practice, and at her charge I discovered myself willing to embark on a personal path of eye-opening and revelatory self-awareness. Holly* has helped me center, grow, and reconnect with the natural joy that I’d been told was endemic to us all, but until only recently can feel in my heart as truth. Holly* is an innovator, a champion and a warrior, all the while also a tabby to be treasured, a sheepdog to set to the charge, a koi fish that swims both up and down streams. Her bravery, sincerity, and balance are genius. Cristina, Lyricist, NYC


Space clearing is something I would recommend to anyone on a small or big scale. The benefits to do space clearing in any environment work wonders. Holly proved her gifts reach no limits when it comes to space clearing. It was six months after the economic crash in ’08 when I called Holly to ask her to do a space clearing in my apartment as I had the intention to put it up for sale. The timing to sell was bad  and as some told me impossible. No apartment was selling unless the asking dropped drastically. Holly got the keys to my apartment while I went on a trip. I left it in her hands and let it go from there. I had no attachments to the outcome.

Frankly, I had no doubt if anyone could clear it and make it happen, but Holly was the one. Ten days later as I was on my way back to NY sitting at the airport and with nothing to do I checked my emails. There was an email from my broker saying I had an offer well below asking price.

I responded that my asking price would not go down and boarded. In short the apartment sold with no drop in price. It was on the market eleven days.  My broker was flabbergasted!

I was simply happy and found hiring Holly was the best thing ever! Annemarie Minke, Flower Essence Practitioner, Chef and Caterer


Holly did a space clearing in the apartment in which I grew up and still live. As she walked around and worked in different areas, I would suddenly burst into tears or feel fatigue or relief. It was often not in the places I expected, but in random corners that held no association for me. In the year following, an old friend visited and said, “I can finally see the place as yours. You would talk about all the changes you would make, but I could not see them as real until now.” In that same year, my relationship to things changed and I was able to let go of objects that had been impossible to part with for decades. In that same year, I suddenly felt that I could live somewhere else, that I was free to move about the Earth. It was a kind of uprooting that, paradoxically, has allowed me to be more rooted/grounded. The apartment feels neutral now, no longer heavy, and, in that neutrality, it has become a nourishing place. Thank you, Holly, for your great gift.

Anna Kramer, Brooklyn, NY


Holly Star has the ability to ‘see’ in ways that are deeply profound. She is able to remove all of the ‘clutter’ that we impose, whether that be personal or in business. Holly interpreted my intentions for a business venture, and was able to hone in on precisely how I needed to express myself in order to achieve the goal. She comprehended the situation beyond words, and was thus able to direct me, with very specific advice and guidance, for my work environment. If you have found your way to Holly Star, it is because you are ready for the truth – which will provoke change. Holly is able to see through all the ‘structures’ we have built for ourselves which keep us stuck. Holly has a tranquil ‘knowing’, and can see into your deepest self. She is able to light up the path needed to be taken to resolve, heal, grow and expand. Elizabeth Sastre, Producer, NYC/London


The work I’ve done with Holly has been nothing short of miraculous in both my personal and work life. I suffered from out-sized, at times debilitating, fear of expressing my ideas, clearly communicating my needs and all around ‘speaking my truth’. Holly has been subtly unearthing layers of blocked emotion and limiting beliefs so that I can get out of my own way and be the person I am meant to be. I like to joke a session with Holly is like a spiritual car wash but it’s really much more than that. Today I am achieving more of what I was sent here to do. F.G., Writer for Film and T.V., Los Angeles, CA


When I went on Holly Star’s retreat in Kerala, India I had planned to stay for a week.  Four days into it, I was experiencing so much transformation, I asked if I could stay for the second week. I am so grateful they were able to accommodate me. With her clear and precise guidance and her intuitive gift of understanding systems, Holly helped me to see what was not working in my life.  She helped me to transform into a better version of myself, in ways I never thought possible. Holly set up the retreat to support personal transformation during the times the participants were not working directly with her. It was so amazing to have one’s environment be completely aligned with the internal work being done day-to-day. In just two short weeks, my life greatly changed for the better.

A.R., Writer and Owner of College Bound, Santa Barbara, CA


Holly Star was an exceptional choice as our wedding officiant. We searched long and hard for someone who could help us express our vows in an honest and emotional way with an unconventional approach. She prepared a very lovely speech and got to know both of us on a deeper level in order to really say something special about our relationship and about each of us individually, which personalized the ceremony and created a sacred space for us to bond together. She also created a ritual unique to our situation and level of comfortability. We got married on a row boat so there were obstacles in creating the perfect ritual. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in making their wedding ceremony unique and beautiful. She is wonderful and full of the positive vibrations necessary to perform such a sacred duty.

Sara P., Musician and Owner of Worship, NYC

I too want to thank you for gracing Upachaya with your beautiful meditation. It was difficult to come back out of it and left me feeling very blissful. I don’t remember ever experiencing going so deeply into a meditation as I did that night.

Barbara Wastart, Owner of Upachaya Healing Resort, Honduras