What will one experience or discuss in a session?

My work is based on one’s own truth, so each session is tailored for the individual. We will begin simply by dialoging, and I will listen to your story which will give us insight into beliefs, patterns, and feelings about yourself and others. We share a dialog to release obstacles from your life, illuminate possibilities, and provide a safe space to make clear decisions. The session will then be directed to release deeper limitations, fear, or forms of separation from spirit/self. We have many beliefs about how we should be and how we should respond or act. Sometimes we don’t necessarily believe it to be true, but do so from conditioning, social responses, exposure, self-sabotage, and unconscious patterns. We will uncover what your truth is and how to respond from that foundation without fear or hesitation.

What will one experience in a business consultation?

It is beneficial to set up an initial consultation and discuss what the venture is, where it is headed and talks of future goals. From there, points of concern and interest can be established. I will listen and respond with a follow-up letter outlining strategies and aspects that I find of concern that may have not have been foreseen or discussed. By listing the next steps of action and what I feel can be done to create the company’s full potential, we can bring fruition to the forefront. I will create a time-table and evaluate how frequently it is needed for us to work together in order for us both to feel successful. 

What are space clearings and how to proceed?

A space clearing is an energetic clearing of any physical space. When there are challenging times in a place it is good to look into the source. Also, people who find their personal work to be essential to their growth generally like to carry it further into their homes, offices, or new land they plan to build on.

Space clearings can be created in many forms. First, I like to understand the size of the space, land, home, or whatever is to be cleared, what the history is (if known) and any factors that make that place challenging or unique. It is also important to discuss your expectations or ideals so I can hold those aspects while clearing and invite them into the space.

I then create many herbs to be burned and a field of communication to start the unfolding of the space or land.

This can also be done at a distance and then I create a grid system and work from there.

How will it ‘look’ in a personal session?

Our first session will bring your stories to the surface. What is it you are coming to address? Some individuals come with specific issues for which they desire clarity while others can’t pinpoint their distress or cause for coming in. In the beginning of each session I set space for a grounded in-body session, and at that time I also open a space for a guided journey inward for deeper relaxation and self-awareness. During this time we can also discuss and practice tools for your own personal practice.

I work with  releasing beliefs, psychic agreements, lineage and heritage healing, “soul retrieval,” physical body diagnosis/medical intuitive from a spiritual perspective, essence harmony, re-wiring, tracking information and returning it on a soul level, reestablishing the light body, and many other tools to best clear and heal the body. I primarily work hands off and dialogue with you. If there is pain or stagnation in the body, or a need for reconnection, I will lay my hands on a particular area to give energy and re-establish connection or release numbing. My focus is to re-establish energetic connection, working on bringing original templates back in. My practice is largely based in listening, listening to the voice in you that needs to be heard and acknowledged.

Surrendering is vital in this process. We must surrender in order to gain new understanding and see a new perspective with clarity. It is here where we can hold the intention or directional path. The session is very energetic: the body may feel or experience things such as past memories, quick flashes, heat, or emotions. We will take time for these things for they are answers to your journey and unfolding process.

The session leads to answers, contemplation, forgiveness, and most importantly to ‘self’ and realization of true self. We also address how to express this new-found person when we release old beliefs and judgments. This is your process to open and bring the body, mind, and spirit into awakening so we may live as waking beings who carry out our plan in love, happiness, and understanding. I offer you to be open to all that is, all possibilities, and to enjoy this process. Our work together, how many sessions, and how frequent, lies in how deep you want to go. Sometimes we just need confirmation and support; other times we need a rich process to carry us to another space. This work needs to be experienced. It is like feeling silence; it is an experience to the beholder and the perception of the journey.