Meditation Journey + Awaken Candle (10 week Guided Journey)
Meditation Journey + Awaken Candle (10 week Guided Journey)

Meditation Journey + Awaken Candle (10 week Guided Journey)

Awaken Candle      

                                                                                                               This candle is designed specifically for this series of meditations, herbs and prepared medicines that will hold you in alignment with the recordings as an option for more support to awaken and deeper self care. Scents, herbs and gemstones include:  Ylang Ylang, Holly, Spruce, Lemon, Juniper Berries, and the gemstone of Azurite.     

*Each guided journey is about 15 mins., they are delivered once a week.


  1. Uplifting Uncertainty: Journey into your life and body to ask questions finding out where you have insecurities - how, why, and where it is holding. You will be guided towards looking at uplifting the spirit to medicine this place into balanced awareness.
  2. Listening to the Heart: This journey is good for reconnecting with the heart and finding pathways into your heart and feeling comfortable in this space. Reflections and having follow through within the heart is key to lasting loving awareness and connection.
  3. A New Path Ahead: Letting go and surrendering control and forced energy so you can open new pathways and organic movements ahead is the key focus. Help and support to finding your next key steps.
  4. Behind the Shadows: This guided meditation is allowing you to let go of all the emotions, mental anxieties and even the identity of who you are. To uncover what your soul essence is and what that feels like to you.
  5. Forgiveness: We will discover ways to awaken forgiveness and what it means to forgive. We will journey into places to set old emotions and inner dwellings free. So you have more space to be present and open.
  6. Returning Home: This is a journey to awaken your self of home, to find your inner essence of being and to recall who you are and what is important for you.
  7. Mind Space: We will work on creating more space in the mind for your happiness and potential freedom. We will work with letting go to recalibrate the present moment into all ways of thinking and pathways of the brain.
  8. Peace: Exploring inner landscapes to set a tone of solace and feelings of settled embodiment. Ways to put all else behind you and keep peace the focus even if circumstance are turbulent.
  9. Letting Go to Dream Again: This guided journey is great to clear out all content from the past to create a line forward to dream again in new ways. Releasing old dreams and learning ways of being to embrace the now of who you are and where you are.
  10. Sharing Light: A more full embodiment experience of how you give and share and exploring levels of compassionate selfless sharing. Exercises in setting the body, mind and heart free without harboring life force.